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EASY PEASY - Trivets, Mug Mats or Maybe a Quilt
I always have a scrap basket full of all sorts of fabrics. Here's a way to put them to use and make gifts to pass around.

The photo at the right shows 4" squares. If you begin with 4" or 5" squares you will still end up with a nice sized trivet.
Sew from point to opposite point, fold and press. Yes, you can cut the triangles and then sew the seam. However I find the extra bulk handy for a trivet.

True up the squares before going to the next step or if you feel you can proceed without this step, go forward.
Here you see the two trivets laid out in a simple pattern. Yes, you can use more than two fabric. I thought using two fabrics would make the pictorial easier to follow.

Make the four pieces into two and then the two pieces into one...which will end up being the face of your trivet.

Now make your stack: Put your lining /stabilizer on the bottom, then your batting, then your back fabric piece face up and finally your face triangle design piece face down. Pin. Sew around, snip seams except at the spot you have opened for turning, turn trivet and then press. 

I've used a zig-zag stitch around the edged to close the seam opening and to add a touch of decoration. NOTE: if you want to make a larger trivet with a boarder add the boarder strips before you make your stack. See Nine Square