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DIY Teapot Placemat or Trivet

When I made this page I was playing and thinking about making a teapot placemat. I started with this shape and thought "Gee, this could be a trivet under a teapot!" Study the pix and draw your own pattern. Make the teapot bowl less stubby and move over the knob. It's really quite easy. 
When I made this page I was playing and thinking about a placemat. You'll notice the spout of the trivet is the spout of the placemat and the bowl of the teapot on the trivet is shortened (kind of stubby). Study the pix and draw your own pattern. It's really quite easy. 

After you have sewn, turned and top stitched the handle, use the two photos below to place the handle. First place the handle where you'd like it to be.  Once you've put the handle in its place, flip it over so that the ends face the seam area. Now you're ready to make the trivet.
The back lining, batting, first teapot face up and handle are in place. Now put the second teapot face down in the stack and sew around the edge with a 1/4" seam. leave a space open at the bottom to turn the trivet inside out. 
Clip close to the seam before you turn.
The photo on the left shows the turned, pressed and pinned trivet ready to be top stitched. The photo on the right shows the trivet's edges top stitched and a decorative heart stitched in the center. Hard to see, but it's there.  
These trivets are not decorated with a teapot button at the knob. Of course you can do that! The Teapot Placemat shows that decoration. When you look at the placemat you can see the similar shape. Yes! You can do this!