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How to make a Tissue Holder for Purse or Pocket
Begin by cutting two pieces of fabric 7" by 8"; also cut one piece of batting the same size; also cut two strips of fabric 2" by 7".
Sandwich the batting between the two pieces of fabric taking care that the face of the fabric is towards you on both sides. Now pin one of each of the 2" strips face down on the 7" side. Sew, turn and press.
Fold over the edge and then fold it again. Pin in place. You can use a straight or decorative stitch along the fold. 

Fold the two sewn edges one slightly over the other and pin. Now push in the edges and sew the open edge. I like to go over that seam two or three times.

Measure 5 1/2" from that seam to the other side and close that edge the way you  did this one. Snip and turn.
This is how your finished Tissue Holder will look. Cute! A wonderful gift.