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How to make a Teapot Tissue Box Cover

Here are the pattern pieces jumbled on the table with a cut of the fabric I'm going to use. You will also need a bit of stuffing fluff.

Here's a page with pix of the pieces and notes to go along with the pix
Here are the pieces cut and prepped. 
Here is the lid circle with its knob turned and stuffed; the handle turned and stuffed, spout turned, puffed and ready to insert into the hole you will cut in the center of the folded long piece that will wrap around the tissue box.

Top pix shows the inside of the spout inserted into the side/center. Next to it on the right you can see that I've sized where the handle will be before I insert it properly.
The pix above shows I've marked the center points of all the sides with pins as well as marking the rectangle top piece.

On the left you can see that I've matched up the pins. Now I will sew around the seam a fat 1/4" or so. Then snip and turn. 
Put the cover onto the tissue box. The small stuffed circle became the lid knob. Tack it in place and then hot glue it to make it more secure.

Hot glue the circle combo on the top of the tissue box. It's easier for you to do this when it's on the box.
Take a close look, you can see I top stitched the bottom. While it's not necessary I like the way it looks.

Hurrah! You're finished. It looks cute even without the tissue coming out of the spout.