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How to make a 6 Pocket Tea Wallet
Choose two fabrics. Cut a rectangle 14 3/4" by 10 1/4" out of each fabric.

Place them face to face and seam all around. Open part of the seam on the long side and turn OR leave an opening somewhere on one long side and turn.
Snip corners before turning and press flat.

Choose which fabric you would like for the outside of your wallet. Place that on your work table and fold the ends of the rectangle in on itself so that the edges meet in the center. 

Now fold the ends back toward the outside edge. Press and pin in place.  

Sew down the pinned outside edge as close as you can get.

The inside pockets are almost done.


Look carefully at the photo and you will see that I have folded the wallet into thirds. 

Press tight when you fold and you will have a sewing guide for finishing up the inside pockets.

Sew down one fold line, across to the other and up to the "top" where you started.

Before you sew across from the left to the right, tuck a loop of ribbon at the center of the little opening. This will be to hold the button closure in place. Yes, if you want to use elastic...fine.

A 7 - 8" piece of ribbon does nicely for the button loop. Sew to your beginning spot.

Center the button and sew in place. Done!

This tea wallets fits most tea bags.

Pattern easily scaled wider for larger tea bags.