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I had the best time making this quilt!

Last year I purchased a bunch of Lori Holt's Teapots Quilt Kit. They are ALL GONE; but the joy lingers on.

I don't like to copy other people's work. I used her instructions as a project guide and some of the kit's fabrics mixed with mine. I changed the dimensions to fit the display space I had decided. Lots and lots of fun!
This is her original design. First off I wanted a smaller quilt, secondly I wanted a dental edge and thirdly I wanted "softer" teapots. Also I had decided I was going to handwork the quits. Yes, the project needed to be changed.  My idea of fun.
I first made a paper pattern w/slight changes.
Then I chose two fabrics for a trial teapot. 

Pinned and hand basted the pieces in place to make sure I was truly happy with the look. Then turned it into a pillow for my office chair.
After I made the trial teapot I paired the kit's fabrics along with mine and cut nine teapots. I hand basted them to their rectangular quilt placement blocks using background fabric. I opted to make a hanging quilt with 9 teapots rather than the 15 suggested.

The lower left pix shows one of the teapots pined in place. NOTE: I tucked the edges under before hand sewing. On the right is the same teapot after it was

This is the finished quilt field. Rather bland with out a colorful edge. 

Using some of the remaining kit fabric along with my scraps (I have lots of scraps) I made a dental edge. I used a bright multi-colored tea bag fabric as a divider between the quilt field and edge band and as a teeny tiny edge turn accent to match the back.  The quilt makes me smile.

Use the photos as a guide for you to create your own pleasing teapot quilt.

Here are some more photos to help you create pattern pieces