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Covid Style Teddy Bear Picnic

Tea Time Wreath
I call this wreath  "These are a few of my Favorite Things" 

Using my copier I made reduced photo copies of my favorite books and operas. I glued them onto thin pieces of wood and modge-podged over them. Then I hot glued wooden picks to the back so that I could fasten them in place. The tea cup is hot glued on the saucer which is hot glued in place. The wreath is an old twig wreath I had decorated with flowers. I like it.
If you are going to use cardboard instead of wood for the images, consider modge-podging both sides to prevent curling. Yes, craft sticks work for the back of your images. Also, if you are concerned about the tea cup and saucer, you can also wire it in place to be double sure.

Use smaller wreaths and miniaiture Tea Cups and/or Teapots from children's sets. Add words of encouragement that pertain to the group. Example: Bible Study group might print out verses. Girl Scout Groups might want words of friendship. Community groups that are considering using these for Tricky-Tray or Silent Auction might want to decorate simply with tea things, such as tea strainers, boxes or bags of tea. Use your imagination! This is a fun project!

In case anyone is  wondering : I love puzzle mysteries (not the page dripping with blood ones) that makes me a big Agatha Christie fan. Quite a few of the books shown are hers. Also I really enjoy tea mysteries by Laura Childs, cooking mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson, Crossword mysteries by Parnell Hall. And for the operas - oh my! I love so many, so I just picked a handful to fill out the wreath.

* * * * *
MUCH Simpler Wreath:

My friend Juanita lives in California. This was her Christmas Wreath. FUN! She found the metal wreath in Michael's Craft Store and then decorated it with saucer-less Tea Cups. EASY!