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Covid Style Teddy Bear Picnic

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Make Fun Shaped Tea Bags
Juanita sent this. She said,
" Thought you would enjoy seeing these....I cut them out of coffee filters. ...sewed them....left a small opening...filled them w loose leaf black tea.. .then sewed them closed....they are so cute....I may make some more...good creative play!
Love you. . .Juanita"

This is a good project for Brownies or Girl Guides; Tracing the shapes (think cookie cutter) with a food safe pen, this would be an easy sewing lesson.

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Tea Bag Christmas Tree
My friend Kitty gave me this adorable Christmas gift. It's a fun project to make and give. YES, you can make it with Twinings or Bigelow packaged bags.

Here's what you'll need:
A Styrofoam cone, you choose the size
Star or other decoration for top
Small box for base - how cute... it can hold sweeteners
Tea Bags - YES, wrapped would be nice.

Singing Christmas carols optional.

If you make one of these please send along a pix of your creation to encourage others to have Tea Fun.
Begin by gluing the Tree form to the base. Picture shows Kitty chose a base that could hold sweeteners; however you may choose a solid base as well. If you'd like, paint/decorate the base.

Once glue has dried, begin by pinning the bottom row first and then overlapping each successive row until you reach the top.

For ease of assembly Kitty chose a topper decoration that had a stick. The star is solidly in place without glue.
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