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Covid Style Teddy Bear Picnic

* * * * *
An Adorable TEAPOT Teapot Cozy

When Chris sent me the photo of her work I asked her if I could share it with you. Adorable. Thank you Chris for sending your photo as an encouragement to others who would like to make one. Love the lace doily on top!

Here's Chris' reply:

Hi Rae, Thank you for the compliment.  I saw a picture of a tea cozy somewhere and made my own pattern.  There is a teapot under that cozy that matches the sugar and creamer.     

Itís pretty simple to make,  just draw a spout and handle and leave room for your seam allowances.    :>).  The hardest part was stuffing the tiny spaces. 

* * * * *
Cookie Cutter Doll Tea Favor
Easy to Make: Depending upon the age and skill of those involved, this project would be a fun party-time craft.

You will need: a cookie cutter, lace or fancy trim, a cute button, a snip of ribbon and a glue gun.
1) Sleeves: Using another piece of pre-ruffled lace, hot glue one end of a length of lace/fancy trim at the crotch of the cutter. Wrap the lace up to one shoulder and spot glue. Wrap the lace/trim down and around the crotch to the other shoulder. Spot glue and finish gluing where you began.

2) Doll's Skirt: Depending on the size of your cookie cutter, cut a 2 1/2" strip of fabric 20" long. Pinking makes it look cute. Hand gather stitch down the middle or use sewing machine. Alternative: You can use a pre-ruffled lace.

3)Spot glue the skirt near what would be the waist. Tie/spot glue a ribbon and decorative button at the waist.

4) Hat: Use lace/ribbon bow and hot glue in place. Glitzy if you'd like. 
* * * * *

Make Beaded Teapot Trivet
Linda made this cute hanging for her back door.  She said it was pretty easy. Each row dangles free. She knotted the bottom of the row and left some cording hang. This is just a matter of counting and then stringing. I think the picture is close enough for you to count the beads. 

* * * * *