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How to make a Snug-Up Tea Cozy

Use this full sized pattern. Place it on the fold. Cut two of each of your fabric choices plus cut four batting pieces a tad shorter on the top arc. I find lining pieces helpful. Cut four the same size as the batting. Also cut a full fabric width strip 2" wide for top gather.

Pair up cozy pieces, face to face, one of each fabric. Sew the top arc first. Left pix below shows optional lace addition. Pix next to it shows the lace position in seam after sewing.

Once the top arc are sew the bottom edges go together. At first it will feel awkward because of the curve but if you do this on a flat surface it's easier.

When sewing the bottom seam be sure you are sewing SAME fabrics to each other, face to face. 

Make a "sandwich" beginning with lining on the bottom, then the batting, then one fabric face up. Then the other SAME fabric face to it; then batting then lining. You will have six pieces in all to sew together for each of your fabric choices: 2 fabric, 2 batting and 2 lining. 

If you shorten the batting at the top of the arc it will make threading the tie easier.

Pix on right shows ONE bottom seam done.

After you have sewn both bottom edges, match the center seam. Pin side seams beginning with the center match. You may have to finesse the fabric towards the arc. outside edge.

Sew down both side seams. Clip corners. 

I like to clip away the batting from the seams before I turn the cozy.
Open a 3" portion of one side seams OR leave a turning gap when you sew.
Turn cozy inside out. Press and pin.


Now you are going to both sew around the edges and make the channel for your tie.

You can move the channel closer or farther away from the top. That will make your ruffle larger or smaller.

The bottom seam of the channel travels the full width of the cozy, as bell as down both sides. Use straight of decorative stitching.

This pix shows the tie threaded thru the channel as well as the top stitching. Instead of making a fabric tie you can use a pretty ribbon.

Bottom pix shows finished cozy snugging a teapot.

Have fun sewing!