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How to make a Simple Tissue Box Cover

Cut one piece of fabric 42" x 10 1/2" and two pieces of fabric 10 1/2" by 5 3/8".

Fold all the pieces in half as shown. Use a decorative stitch, lace or pretty ribbon along the fold edge of the smaller pieces. 
Overlap the fold side of the shot pieces a bit and pin. Them mark the box edge plus a 1/4" or so. This is the top piece.
Leave plain or decorate the long folded edge as you did the top pieces. Keeping the face against the tissue box, wrap the long piece around. Be sure you are wrapping around the sides and not the bottom and the top.  Sew where you marked. Pink and press seam.
Those of you who are experienced can eliminate seam bulk by marking the location of the side seam before making the long fold. Sew, pink, snip and press before folding up the body. Then decorate or leave the bottom line plain. Beginners method is shown to build confidence.
Keeping the face of the decorated piece towards the box, pin the top in place. Do not align the open detail with the side seam.

Sew around all the edges, curve the corners than making them come to a point. The soft edge is pleasing.
Turn your creation inside out and put it on a tissue box. Hurrah! Good job! Now make some for gifts. I'm sure at least one of your friends would like one.