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How to make a Retro-Look Tea Cozy

You really don't need a pattern for this cozy. You can see the basic shape and make it wider, narrower, taller or shorter. The side pieces can be expanded or reduced as well. Have fun being creative!

Cut 2 rounded pieces of each fabric, 4  batting pieces and 4 lining pieces. I like to use 2" pieces for the side strips as well as batting and lining strips as well. You can play with the widths of the strips as you please. 

Make a "sandwich" beginning with lining on the bottom, then the batting, then the fabric for all four large fabric pieces. I like to pin these to keep them from moving. I also shorten the batting bottom a bit.

Pin and sew fabric strip with its lining onto two the the "sandwiches".  

Before you join, pin and sew the matching cozy fabric pieces together insert a trimmed down batting strip between the fabric and the lining. This pix shows the pieces joining and seam being clipped.

You will have two "cozies" once you finish this step for each fabric.

Turn one "cozy" face side out and put the other "cozy" into it. Fluff it around and line up the seams.

When nested one cozy may be longer than the other. Trim the longer one to make the next task easier.

Turn the bottoms to the inside. Press and pin before you sew the cozy closed. You can use a straight or decorative stitch or if the fabric calls for it...a bit of lace.

Snip loose threads. Sew a button or a tassel on the top...of if you prefer, leave the top plain. 

Yes, this is just like the toaster covers of the 1940's and 1950's. 

Cuffing makes it cute!