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How to make a Large Market Tote
Can easily be modified to any tote size or strap placement

No need for a pattern to make a Tote. Here's my simple straight edge w/measurements.

The bottom of the tote is the edge you see with the 2" open cut on each side. YOU decide how wide the tote will be. Make the bottom notch: After you have measured over 2" decide how tall you would like the tote to be and add another 2" for the top edge fold down.

Now you have the basic measurements of your tote. Cut both the outside and the inside fabric the same size and set aside.

Changing the width at the bottom, the side height and even the notch for the box bottom changes the size of the tote. Adjust the length of the straps to the size of the tote. 

Cut three (more or less depending on the length of the straps you desire) full fabric 4" cuts for the straps and two 8" pieces equal to the width of the tote for my inside pockets. Pockets are optional..

Pix on the right shows all prep pieces finished.

Pockets easily made fold & sew 8" piece onto itself face to face. Turn, press. Add lining for umph.

Join strap pieces with diagonal seam, softens the look of the strap. Make strap by folding it into itself twice and stitching both long sides.

Go to  the Teapot Purse DIY page to see how to info lining/batting/and making the  shaped tote bottom.

The pix on the right shows a simple pin method to insure pockets will meet when you sew the side seams.

Batting and lining are stacked underneath. 
The pix on the left shows the finished tote inside. You can see all the seaming.

I have laid out, pinned and sewn one of the outside straps. I usually stop sewing 2 - 3" from the top to make folding the top seam easier. (see the Teapot Purse DIY page.)

I lay the second strap on top of the first and then put the other outside piece face to face. This helps me insure the straps meet in the bottom seam.
Once you have sewn the bottom and side seams and made the box bottom, marry the two pieces taking care that the bottoms meet nicely.

I like to randomly pin the body together and then press it before I pin the top closed. This allows me to double check the side and bottom seams before pinning and finishing the top.

Below you can see I've gone around a few times. I really like making a ribbed top on a Market Tote. 



If you'd like a tab top closure put it in BEFORE you sew the top seam closed.
If you are going to make a full flap closure you will need to move the straps to the side.