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101 Lovely Things to Think About
Many years ago I made encouragement cards for Women's Ministry. Cards for the ladies to take, keep and/or share with friends. 101 Lovely Things was the most requested card.
Here it is... take, keep and share with friends. Choose the thoughts you like and think of them often. Hopefully you will be blessed.
Philippians 4:8-9:
Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things. And the God of peace will be in you. 

Moonlight on the water * a bird building its nest * a field of lavender * new puppies * geese flying south in formation * sunrise after a storm * no traffic * finally getting to the light at the end of the tunnel * (and it isn’t an oncoming train!) * legible handwriting * cooing doves * a shooting star * the beach at sunset * finding the marbles you thought you lost were right where you left them * feeling the wind in your hair * hearing the meadowlark’s call * the sound of fog moving * twilight * the first snowfall * helping out your best friend * more money than month * a butterfly resting in the sun * a handful of yellow daisies * a fiddler crab’s trail * a bubble bath * the smell of chocolate * bread baking on a winter’s day * the smile of someone who loves you * crocus pushing through the snow * the warmth and crackle of a camp fire * having enough room in your closet * swinging on a tire swing * a long lunch with an old friend * finishing the race * watching a small boy with his dog * the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks * the aurora borealis * hearing someone say, “Good for you!” * email from a friend * your very first pay check * nice neighbors * discovering who the “they” is who say everything * a long green valley with a river running through it * the smell of the earth after a spring shower * a high stepping marching band * little girls skipping rope * dessert for breakfast * listening to your kind of music and not having to turn it down * the sound of surf at dusk * watching the clouds float by * a parking space reserved for you wherever and whenever you need it * laughing best, last and always * walking through autumn leaves * having flowers arrive for no special reason * sitting by a water fall * snuggling in a quilt * bunny slippers * hand painted porcelain * swans gliding on the water * reservations at a five-star restaurant * front row center, theater of your choice * understanding and moving on * finishing the job * no lines in the supermarket, at the toll booth or on your face * a talking scale that says, “Perfect, just perfect” * Problem? What problem? * your favorite color * knowing and liking yourself * dreams realized * finding the missing piece of the puzzle when you weren’t looking for it * rubbing a pussy willow against your cheek * one purple balloon * two red kites * three tiny turtles * four baby chicks * five golden rings * six silly sheep (Say that three times fast!) * Visiting Narnia when you’re all grown up * walking through an herb garden * lily of the valley pressed in the pages of a book * buttercups at the roadside * chipmunks scampering to gather seeds * Potpourri and pomander balls * a shady garden path edged with white flowers * a handmade gift from a friend * the sun shining through lace curtains * walking bare foot on new carpet * hot soup on a cold day * cold lemonade on a hot day * knowing someone is praying for you * a candle in the window * believing God loves you * moving forward, not looking back * no more fear * living peace filled * no more sighing * no more crying * expectantly hoping for Goodness.

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