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Make a Large Wallet for your Loose Leaf Tea
OR whatever else you'd like to carry
This shape is a larger version of the Flap Wallet. You can change the dimensions as you need to fit infuser, loose tea, sugar substitutes or whatever you'd like. EASY PEASY!

I've begun is one with two cuts of 8 1/2" wide by 15" tall rectangles curved at the two top corners. You will also need batting and if you'd like a lining under the batting. 

Stack the batting on the lining, then put the two cuts face to face. Sew around using a 1/4" seam. Leave an opening on the large side seam so that you can turn and press.

Here you can see I've folded the rectangle into thirds and positioning the flap where it would be helpful for me. This type of fold will give you enough space to store your loose leaf tea needs... or whatever.

Position the Velcro so that you can sew it in place before you finish the edges. This makes the carrier more substantial when filling and closing.

I used a wave stitch to finish off the wallet and then put a button over the Velcro spot.

Finished photo shown below.