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Let's Make a Ruffle Edge Tea Cozy

Start by choosing two fabrics. Also have batting and a lining material on hand.

Cut a dome shape. You don't have to use these dimensions. My example begins with a dome shape 14 1/2" wide by 12 1/2" tall.

If you have trouble cutting a dome begin with a rectangle and then round the edges. You can draw your pattern any size.

Do you see that piece of fabric at the bottom of the first pix? That represents the ruffle. It's two full width cuts of fabric 4" tall, sewn together and then gathered. You can either gather by hand or if you have a ruffle attachment use that.

Here you see I have pinned the ruffle in place. I like to baste it before I assemble the outside of the cozy.

Place and stabilize pin the other face piece in place and then "sandwich" batting on both sides. I like to also add a layer of batting. Optional not necessary.

Once you have pinned, sewn and clipped the edge, turn and press. Set aside.

You will repeat the same method (minus the ruffle on the other side.

This pix shows the finished outside and the finished inside stacked laid out together. I like to match them up before I assemble to make sure the inside "cozy" is a smidge smaller and can easily slide inside. Adjust the seam as you need.

You can see by this photo I have used lining on top of the batting.

Look! The the cozy is almost finished!

Don't worry is some of the "inside" pours out a bit. Just snip to even the inside with the outside making sure the two side seams match.

Turn the bottom edge pieces in on themselves making sure the two faces of your fabrics are facing each other. Pin, press and sew. I've used a decorative stitch to close the bottom seam but straight stitch is just fine.

Here's a close up of another cozy.

DONE! To prevent the heat from your teapot sinking into the table - use a trivet of some kind under the teapot.

Here is a Ruffle-less Cozy. I top stitched the edge for fun. And:  If you don't stitch around the edge you will have a reversible tea cozy.
Hurrah! Two Cozies.