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Cross Back Apron General How-To Info

Need a Pattern?
Find it pattern here.

Yes, you can. Photo and DIY info here.

Left photo; shows the face cuts of a Cross Back Apron. I folded one of the pieces in half so you could see the pairing of the two fabrics.

Right photo; shows the back pieces as well as the pocket placement.

Left photo; shows a pocket placement. This one is placed with the bottom of the pocket 8" off the apron's bottom. However, you can choose any shape and placement OR you can choose no pockets at all. Topstitch pocket in place before matching the side seams, sewing them and proceeding to the next step.

Right photo; shows both fabrics, matched face to face. Pinned together and ready. Leave an turning opening somewhere on the long seam.
Also start your seam sewing about 4" down on all the straps. It will make it easier to match and piece the strap crossing.

Left photo; shows the apron taking shape. It has been turned right side out and pressed. You can see the ends of the straps are not sewn down. this will be very helpful

Look at the straps. Pretend they are called "A", "B", "A", "B" from left to right. Match the two "A" Apron Back Strap Ends together face to face . Pin to hold in place. Now do the same with the  "B" Strap Ends. Now for the next step. Complete the cross back

Right photo; shows you have matched both like fabrics together at the shoulder. This is why I suggested you begin your inside seams a bit down from the edge. With a tiny bit of turning you will be able to match and and sew the shoulder seams.

Left photo; shows the two apron fabrics pinned and in the process of being sewn.

Right photo; shows you have successfully sewn and pinned the shoulder seams and the crossing of the back is complete. Now all that remains is top stitch sewing. I suggest you press again and make sure your shoulder pins and turning opening are pinned in place.

Left & Right photos; show sewing around a very long seam. I like using one of the decorative stitches but a straight stitch is just fine.


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