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 Make a Kitschy/Craft Apron
First you'll need to make a pattern.
YES you can!

First gather measurements.

Here's the basic shape. Now go get a tape measure and a quick sketch on a piece of paper.
1) The horizontal top measurement is where you will attach the neck loops. That will land just below your collar bone. It's about the distance between your bra straps. Measure and note on your drawing.
2) Measure hip to hip to find the face measurement of the apron. Note on drawing.
3) Draw a horizontal line from hip to hip on your drawing. Now draw a line from the center point of the top measurement to the center point of the hip line. Measure that distance on your body and note it on your drawing.
Basic Apron Pattern Shape

BTW: You can choose curves or no curves once your pattern is done. You are so creative! 

4) Draw a line on your sketch from the end of chest horizontal line to end of hip horizontal line. Note the distance on your drawing. Don't worry about the curve now. That comes later.
5) Measure from the center point of the chest horizontal line to where you would like the center bottom of your apron to be. Draw a line on your sketch. Don't worry about the shape. That comes later.

* HURRAH! You now have enough information to make your pattern. GOOD JOB! 
BTW: I make my patterns on plain muslin fabric. I like the way the pattern lays on my chosen fabric. However, you can use an old sheet or paper. Whichever pleases you.


Think about this before you begin: You already know you will need a piece of cloth or paper that will be at least as long or as wide as the apron you are going to sew. Make sure your pattern fabric/paper is at least a few inches longer and wider. Reduces anxiety.

1) Find the center point of your pattern fabric/paper. Fold and make a straight crease. This will help you keep the pattern "true to shape."
2) Begin a few inches down from the top. Draw in your chest measurement Making sure the horizontal line you drew is perpendicular (square) to the fold line.
3)Follow along and transfer the info from your sketch always making sure that your horizontal lines are square to the fold. Draw in your info so it looks like an apron.
4)Once your measurements are on your pattern fold it lengthwise again. NOW you can decide if you want a curve or straight from the neck to the hip. Also if you want a curve on the bottom. Draw on one of the folded side.
Before you cut your pattern shape you must add the seams. You can make this decision - Do you want 1/4", 1/2" seams?

5) Using ONE of the folded sides draw in your seam thickness using the lines you sketched from your info. DO NOT CUT until you are sure you are comfortable. You can check your shape by holding the folded side to a mirror.  
6)Once you are certain you are pleased with your shape, cut your pattern using the outside edge of the seam line. Make any reminder notations on your pattern for future use.

Use a string or tape measure to figure the length of like the loop or ties that will go over your head. Make a notation on your pattern for future use. 
6)Use a string or tape measure to figure the length of the ties for your waist. Now is the time to decide if you'd like the apron tied in the back or swooped around and tied in the front. Make a notation on your pattern for future use. 

Neck Loops & Ties are made from a cut 4" wide. The length determined by you noted on your pattern. Fold the lengths in half lengthwise and then half again. Sew along one side and then down the other. 

Set these aside until you cut the fabrics for your apron using your pattern. 
This photo shows the placement of neck loops and ties on the FACE side fabric. The pick fabric you see is the BACK side fabric. Pin ties and loops in place.

As you can see the fabrics are right sides together.  Pin all around leaving an opening in the seam so that you can turn the apron right side out. 

Here is a pix of the apron after it has been turned. The pins are at the opening spot mentioned above.

Press well before you topstitch the edges. It may be helpful to occasionally pin the edge to make topstitching easier.

Make with or without little square pocket on face side. Your choice.

Decorate with buttons if you'd like.

Me in my paisley apron

Diane & Friends having Apron Fun!