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Welcome Tea Drinking Friends!

I'm happy to say I have the Largest Online Selection of Tea Fabrics and Teapot Buttons.

For you who sew or for me who will sew for you...that means unique, creative fabric combinations for Tea Cozies, Tea Wallets and other Tea Gifts.

NO SHOPPING CART - I'm "Old School" If you have questions or are ready to order, send me an email with your phone number and I'll call you back and chat. Yes I take credit cards 

Thank you  for stopping by
Grandma Rae

Found on one of my Sample Sale Pages
Thrifty Gift Giving Ideas

Because I appreciate your business and know you can shop anywhere on the web...
"Thank You" gift arrives w/each purchase.

Heart Shaped Mug Mats
Cute Gift Giving...
Yes, I'll make some with Tea Fabrics

Make Whimsy Ornaments for Christmas 
Little Teapot Sachets

Teapot Shaped Cozy

Totes in Teapot Fabrics...Just for fun

Mini-Tea Wallet

Bags of Fat Quarter Stacks
for Sewing & Crafting.

Having tea with friends fills a spot in my heart. Tea Time for me is not a lovely table or perfectly made sandwiches and desserts. Tea Time is the fragrance of friendship its the aroma of lives shared and the sweetness of sisterhood - bonds that cannot be broken by time, economic circumstances, health situations or lifestyle changes.

Nothing will make me happier than to make something special for you

Enjoy your browse. Encourage friendship and gather love.

Thanks again for stopping by
Grandma Rae

If before our doorsteps we each sweep,
our village will be clean.
Lesson from Sandra in Utah

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